Humpty Fu*king Dumpty

A Stephen Walters Short Film

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About the film...

In the midst of the 1960’s Merseybeat scene, with the Fab Four and Liverpool’s recording artists at the center of the music world’s universe, Beatles manager Brian Epstein predicted that Tommy Quickly would be the biggest star in the world. That never happened. "Humpty Fu*king Dumpty" is a cautionary tale of fame, its pitfalls, and the necessity of being careful what you wish for.


Cast and Crew

Stephen Walters


Stephen Walters is a native of Merseyside. Born and raised in Liverpool, he's been a regular in British television and films for twenty-five years. In 1994 he secured the lead role in the feature length TV movie 'Blood on the Dole' for the Alan Bleasedale Presents series. His performance brought him to the attention of Bleasedale, who personally suggested that he apply to drama school. That same year he was accepted to the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where he would complete his training. Stephen was nominated for a Royal Television Society award for Best Actor in 2013 for his portrayal of a young Ricky Tomlinson in the Sky Arts television drama 'Ragged'. Stephen's projects include 'Outlander', 'Shetland', 'Band of Brothers', and the television film 'HIllsborough'. Coming in late summer 2020, Stephen will be starring in the much anticipated ITV drama 'Anne', along side television staple Maxine Peake, in the story of one mother's quest for justice after the Hillsborough disaster. 

In addition to acting, Stephen is interested in writing and directing. To date, he’s completed six short films and penned several scripts, including a feature length version of 'Humpty Fu*king Dumpty'.

Stephen Walters (and Andrew Gower) at Creation Entertainment's New Jersey Outlander Convention - 19

Andrew Gower

as Tommy Quickly

Andrew Gower is an Oxford School of Drama graduate, deeply rooted in the Merseyside area. Born and raised in Liverpool, he won the prestigious Spotlight prize as Best Actor in 2010. This opened door for a successful career on both stage and screen. His projects include the hit TV show 'Outlander', BBC Three’s cult series 'Being Human', and award winning anthology series 'Black Mirror'. Andrew debuted in London’s West End in 2016, playing the lead in the critically acclaimed adaptation of '1984'. As a passionate musician, Andrew spent his youth touring the Northwest of England with his band Emerson, playing at locations such as the world famous Cavern Club.


Steven McGowan

as the Empire Manager

Steven McGowan is an actor based in Liverpool, England. His projects include several of Stephen Walters’ short films, such as the emotionally wrought 'Danny Boy' and 'Harry Potter Sleeps with the Fishes'. Stephen sees him as a reliable, natural actor who always gives a truthful performance and hopes to work with him again in the future.


Gary Gibson

as John Lennon

Gary Gibson is a musician and performer based in Preson, England. He's been a performer for over thirty years, headlining acts such as Cavern, Double Fantasy, and the John Lennon Experience. Gibson is well know for his resemblance to Lennon, at one point joining the group Anthology of the Beatles with McCartney-lookalike Laurence Gilmore and touring the world.

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Kiran Sonia Sawar

as Peggy

Kiran Sonia Dewar is an Oxford School of Drama Graduate who was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. Her projects include the television film 'Murdered by My Father',  'Black Mirror', 'Casualty', 'Silent Witness', and the stage adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's novel 'Brideshead Revisited'.

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"I was very fortunate to see [Humpty Fu*king Dumpty] written and directed by the incomparable Stephen Walters. WOW! Every Outlander fan and just every fan of cinema must check out this beautiful, haunting piece of art! With an incredible, heartbreaking performance by Andrew Gower."

Richard Kahan (Writer/Producer)

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